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DVD of Wild and Precious is now available! Click here.

Bill Mousoulis has just completed (October 2014) a new short film, see it on YouTube - The Fairy Tale.

Earlier in 2014, Mousoulis co-directed a short film called Daddy-Long-Legs with Vicky Mousoulis (also see details below). See it on YouTube - Daddy-Long-Legs.

Mousoulis' next feature will be shot in Athens in April 2015.


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Bill Mousoulis is a Greek-Australian independent filmmaker and critic, based in Europe (Greece). Since 1982, he has made over 100 films, including nine features, the latest of which is Wild and Precious (2012). In 1985 he founded the Melbourne Super-8 Film Group; in 1999 he founded the online film journal Senses of Cinema; and in 2003 he founded the database Melbourne Independent Filmmakers. He is also the webmaster of the online journal Lola.

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