Senses of Cinema
SCREENGRABS from 1999 - 2002

This URL was the original location
of Senses of Cinema before it moved over to its own domain name about mid 2000.

I present some screengrabs here from the first 3 years of the journal, as a historical record.
These show the style of the journal, a very rudimentary html web style.
They also show the history of the staff (editors, etc.) over this initial 3 year period,
including the presence of film critic Adrian Martin,
who made an invaluable contribution to the journal in its early years.

- Bill Mousoulis, Founding Editor

Issue 1, Dec 1999




Issue 3, Feb 2000



Issue 4, Mar 2000





Issue 5, Apr 2000








Issue 6, May 2000


Issue 7, June 2000


Issue 8, July-Aug 2000





Issue 9, Sep-Oct 2000



Issue 10, Nov 2000







Issue 11, Dec 2000 - Jan 2001




Issue 12, Feb-Mar 2001




Issue 13, Apr-May 2001






Issue 14, Jun-July 2001




Issue 16, Sep-Oct 2001



Issue 17, Nov-Dec 2001




Issue 19, Mar-Apr 2002





Issue 20, May-June 2002





Issue 21, July-Aug 2002





Issue 22, Sep-Oct 2002




Issue 22 (Sep-Oct 2002) was the last time Bill Mousoulis, Adrian Martin, Grant McDonald,
and the short-lived manager Jan Chandler were formally involved with the journal.
All of Adrian Martin's writing up that point, and also his Special Dossiers which he
commissioned and edited, were pulled from the journal after that.
Bill Mousoulis did however continue to write for the journal in the years afterwards.
In 2003, Martin and McDonald created the film journal Rouge.
And Mousoulis the web resource Melbourne Independent Filmmakers.