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a-light within, Connie Mitropoulos
The Saloni M journey

1999 - Saloni Mediterranean
In March 1999, Saloni M went ‘Mediterranean’ within an urban-oasis, known as the Fitzroy Gallery. A two week art exhibition culminated into a performance event of readings and music.

2000 - Saloni M goes South
In September 2000, Saloni M celebrated, through art, film, music, dance, spoken word and an ethnic banquet, the gypsies' rich cultural trail.

2003 - Saloni M swims East
Swimming to the shores of its Easterly neighbours,
seeing acts of horror in 'holy lands',
listening to West-wary outcries ...
Saloni M asks:
Who are the true Barbarians?

This event explored, as one of its themes, the cultural divide from ancient to modern times, positing one race as civilised, the other as barbarian; one nation as giver of light, the other as terror of the dark.

2005 - Saloni M presents The Shades of Love
Love, eros, agape, amour …
has been carried with the suitcases of their ancestors,
it has been sung by their grandmothers,
it seeps in their blood and finds itself
in their embrace of passionate words.
Greeks, Turks, Cypriots, Kurds
have been traditionally at war with each other.
Before war though they were neighbours and friends,
some were lovers -
they were the various shades of love.

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