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1999 - Saloni Mediterranean

In March 1999, Saloni M went ‘Mediterranean’ within an urban-oasis, known as the Fitzroy Gallery. A two week art exhibition culminated in a performance event of readings and music.

A statement from the time:

Saloni M celebrates cultural exchange. Some performers and artists were born in the Mediterranean region, some have a heritage connection, while others have spent precious time and energy in parts of the region.

Australia may be on the other side of the world yet, in its own way, it too abuts the Sea. Migration and travel have brought to Australia’s shores, cultural diversity and another way of seeing.

Saloni M seeks to embrace numerous cultures under a wide banner - Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Lybia, Italy, France, Algeria, Tunisia, Malta, Morocco and Spain - allies, enemies, indifferent neighbours perhaps.

This Saloni M experience was produced by a core group of 4 Artists:

Angela Costi writer, performer, events organiser
Connie Mitropoulos visual artist, curator
Helena Spyrou writer, publicist
Achilleas Yiangoullis musician, composer

The contributing artists were:

March 6-18, 1999
Nevin Hirik visual artist
Gary McPhedron installation artist
Connie Mitropoulos visual artist
Juan Sanz sculptor
Sharon West visual artist

March 18, 1999

John Cippola prose writer and performer
Angela Costi poet and performer
haBiBis musicians
Letizia Mondello prose writer and performer
t h a l i a and Alan Musgrove
poets, singers and musicians
po poet and performer
Helena Spyrou prose writer and performer
Liz Suda prose writer and performer

This event was heralded as an overwhelming success, in that it brought together communities that would not normally connect, in particular those from the Turkish, Greek and Cypriot communities. It attracted 400 people at the opening of the exhibition and another 300 people at the performance night.

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