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2003 - Saloni M swims East


The Big M by ZAZIZ - CD cover art


is the name I (Matt Hetherington) use for my musical work. "Memories of Attar" is inspired from love of the album Apocalypse Across the Sky by The Master Musicians of Jajouka (Produced by Bill Laswell), particularly the track entitled "Memories of My Father", which when I first heard it, moved me deeper than any other music I've ever heard. 'Attar' is the family name of the leader of this musical brotherhood, as well as meaning 'scent' (essentially) and is a sacred Arabic word. The piece was recorded in Feb '03 on a PC lent to me by my friend Richard Sukkar, and uses only the software program 'Acid Pro'. It also appears on the ZAZIZ album The Big M (Ruthless Records).

ZAZIZ plays afro-centric/hypnotic/eccentric music. Biggest current inspirations: electric-period Miles; Squarepusher; Master Musicians of Jajouka; Public Enemy; Thelonius Monk; ol-skool FUNK.

Matt Hetherington grew up in Blandberra, played lotsa guitar with guys like Andrew Kelly (Glide), Dave Lewis (The Bedridden) & Muzz Schaefer (The Entwined) in fondly forgotten bands A Goat, The Galloping Fingers of Oblivion, and The Silence. '95: Came to Melb., learnt darbukka and djembe, played bass with guys like Tim Pledger (Bohjass, City City City) & Jonno Edmunds (Mid-State Orange) in 'Shed', playing at places like 303 & The Planet's 'Make It Up Club'.

ZAZIZ has released two albums, Things To Make & Do ('02) & The Big M ('03), on Ruthless Records.

For the Saloni M swims East event on Friday, December 5, the track "Memories of Attar" off The Big M CD played throughout the night.



See also Matt Hetherington's essay "Notes on Barbarianism", where he talks more about "Memories of Attar".

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