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Wild and Precious
(2012, 87 mins, Greece/Italy/Australia)

Director/Producer Bill Mousoulis
Co-Producer Dimitri Athanitis
Cinematographers Theodore Karamanolis and Bill Mousoulis
Music John Koudounis

Featuring Alessandro Figurelli, Emanuela Zocco, Jennifer Levy
plus Alan Maglio, Ilaria Andrea Malaraggia, Wayne Powrie

An Italian cinematographer (Alessandro Figurelli) finds himself in the midst of the Greek socio-political crisis.
He returns home to Milano to his ex-wife (Emanuela Zocco) and daughter (Ilaria Andrea M.),
only to be drawn back to Athens, where an Australian TV producer (Jennifer Levy)
hires his services as a maverick cinematographer.

SD, from HD original

Reviews: “Bill Mousoulis’ Wild and Precious, filmed across several countries, has an immediacy and insight that far better resourced directors must envy.” - Adrian Martin, The Monthly Magazine, October 2012.

“The meaning of Wild and Precious cannot be found in the drama alone but in the film’s wider formal choices. Viewers may ask what is the film about? The experience of being in a foreign city? The imperative of news reportage to be “interesting”, i.e. bloody and violent? The political situation in Greece? Giulio’s search for happiness in his personal life? It’s all of these things, and much more. The final moments, in which the personal and the political are counterpointed, and the feelings and desires of each are apparent, makes clear the film is exploring life as something contradictory, messy, and complex. Life encompasses both difficulty and hardship but also hope and vitality, it is, in short, Wild and Precious.” - Fiona Villella, Senses of Cinema, December 2012.

“If Wild and Precious has a clear non-definition of the real and the simulation, there’s no intention to solely portray a tale of the Greek crisis, or the internal conflict of a character forced to solitude. Instead, it is a portrait of details, catching a series of sublimated moments: the graffiti, the dog at the demonstrations, the climate of rejection in Greece compared to the tranquil and boring life in Milan. .” - Mónica Delgado, desistfilm, February 2013.

Screenings: 15, including at 18th Athens International Film Festival; 7th Cyprus International Film Festival; 19th Greek Film Festival (in Australia); Cine//B_5 Film Festival, Santiago, Chile; 3rd Peloponnesian International Film Festival, Greece; 55th Asia Pacific Film Festival (Macao); 10th Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival; B-Fest, Antiauthoritarian Festival, Athens; London Greek Film Festival; Greek Film Fest Chicago; Greek Film Society Sydney.

Awards: Winner Nostimon Imar Award for Best Greek Film of the Diaspora, 7th Cyprus International Film Festival, October 2012.

more info/news/reviews: go to Wild and Precious website (now housed on the Innersense site).

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