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Songs of the Underground
Τραγούδια του Underground
(2017, 78 mins, Greece/Australia)

directed by Bill Mousoulis    producers Bill & Vicky Mousoulis    co-producers Dimitris Athanitis & Tasos Avouris
cinematographers Theodore Karamanolis & Tasos Avouris & Bill Mousoulis
production assistant  George Avouris    photographer  Vicky Mousoulis

featuring  Antouan Parinis, Dimitris Poulikakos, Thanos Kois,
OUST!, Alpha Bang, Katerina Konstantinou, Anthea Sidiropoulos,
Fagouroskoni, Yiagos Hairetis, Social Waste, Tasos Avouris.

A documentrary portrait of some of Greece’s underground music artists,
and their songs of resistance and anger.
An alternate, documentary-only version of Songs of Revolution,
and with some different and extra material in it.

HD, from HD original

Website: www.innersense.com.au/songsofrevolution/

See also companion films, Songs of Revolution. and Songs of the Crisis.

Screenings: The trilogy of Songs films have screened 30 times thus far, at a number of different venues (festivals, community centres, cafes, etc.), including:
10th London Greek Film Festival, May 14-20, 2017
B-Fest 6, Athens, May 26-28, 2017
Aegina Film Festival, August 2017
Chicago Greek Film Festival, September 2017
Bridges International Film Festival, September 2017
Victorian Trades Hall, Nov 2017
Melbourne Cinematheque, May 2023

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