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Songs of Revolution
(2017, 118 mins, Greece/Australia)

directed by Bill Mousoulis    producers Bill & Vicky Mousoulis    co-producers Dimitris Athanitis & Tasos Avouris
cinematographers Theodore Karamanolis & Tasos Avouris & Bill Mousoulis
production assistant  George Avouris    photographer  Vicky Mousoulis

featuring  Thodoris Arianoutsos, Marianthi Koliaki
plus  Antouan Parinis, Dimitris Poulikakos, Thanos Kois

A hybrid film, part documentary, part fiction, on the history of Greek radical music.

HD, from HD original

Reviews: “Songs of Revolution is a journey-experience … the sadness, the anger, the bitterness of people who live under difficult circumstances, but also their vitality.” - Rüdiger Tomczak, shomingekiblog journal.

“This film is really an ear-opener for me, and I guess most viewers outside Greece may feel the same way, too. ... the form of this film is unique, something I have never seen before. Combining documentary parts with musical parts in the same film is something rare already, but this film also combines neorealist style with the musical parts, too.” - Jit Phokaew, Limitless Cinema.

“Mousoulis goes beyond and proposes an eclectic mise-en-scène which oscillates between the uncertainty of being or not in front of fictionalized moments in a film of documentary spirit ... Songs of Revolution shows Mousoulis’ fine creative state, and gives more clues on the current Greek soul, especially among a traumatic economic crisis, than any other contemporary documentary or fiction film. ” - Mónica Delgado, desistfilm.

Website (reviews, interviews, etc): www.innersense.com.au/songsofrevolution/

See also companion films, Songs of the Underground. and Songs of the Crisis.

Screenings:The trilogy of Songs films have screened 28 times thus far, at a number of different venues (festivals, community centres, cafes, etc.), including:
10th London Greek Film Festival, May 14-20, 2017
B-Fest 6, Athens, May 26-28, 2017
Aegina Film Festival, August 2017
Chicago Greek Film Festival, September 2017
Bridges International Film Festival, September 2017
Victorian Trades Hall, Nov 2017
Melbourne Cinematheque, May 2023

Short documentaries on the making of the film:

Production stills

Various screenings