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A tiny spacecraft drifts through the vastness of space.

It carries messages from Earth.

It is not alone.

Launched in 1979 it has a twin which carries the same messages.

These messages may be read by any intelligent Extra-Terrestrials who may intercept them.

On the other hand, they may never be discovered by any intelligent beings.

In that case these two tiny probes will travel through the vastness of the Universe until the end of time!

An Endless Journey into Deep Space

A Baker's Dozen

I have always had a keen interest in the short story form. Writing these stories was both a lot of fun and a way of putting my insomnia to practical use.

This collection of short stories was published in 2007.

Sample: Denver Duck Soup

Printed and bound by
Legion Office Works, Castlemaine

© Copyright Peter Tammer 2007

ISBN: 978-0-9804360-0-6

Cover photos: Richard Leigh


Gifts of Music

Many people have shaped my life with gifts of music, from the earliest days.

These pieces are in the form of emails to some of those friends, thanking each of them for the gifts they have bestowed on me. In a sense they describe my world, how my musical life and taste have been formed by these unexpected casual gifts.

Acland Street



Maureen's Gift


The One True Book

The Bible? The Koran? No! There is only one "true" book... The Book of Wisden!

Why don't we just teach the Afghanis, the Taliban, the Israelis and the Palestinians to play Test Cricket?

Over the course of a 5-day Test Match, their minds and hearts, their passion and anger, would be channelled into the contest between the bat and the ball on the calm open space of the oval.


An Ancient Egyptian IQ Test

Long before the great civilisations of Greece and Rome, the Egyptians produced many architectural wonders. We all know about Pyramids and massive temple complexes, and we've all seen countless documentaries detailing their construction.

One enigmatic site deserves more attention than it has been given in our time.

It is the site of a failure in Egyptian monumental architecture. This site forces us to consider the enormity of their enterprise and the breath-taking optimism of their endeavour. 

A Terrible Beauty

Like millions of young children around the world, as a child I was fascinated by obsolete weapons such as swords, spears, bows and arrows. Later in life I began to question the nature of that allure. In this essay I have examined the relationship between weapons designed to kill and their aesthetic appeal. That led me to examine the relationship between the rectangle and the curve,  order and chaos, symmetry and a-symmetry. It brought me to consider the idea that the development of aesthetics in human consciousness is in some way connected to the development of objects whose primary purpose it to kill an animal, or another person.


Lessons of History?

From my earliest years I was attracted to stories:  fables, myths, legends, and history. Often I was taught that an event was a factual historical event, when it was either legendary, mythical, or a pure fabrication. Sometimes it took years to discover that “a true historical fact” was, putting it in its best light, pure fantasy.

Telling imaginative stories which pose as history may be completely harmless. However, historical texts have caused enormous harm to many people since the first written records were created.

This essay explores some effects which false histories have had upon our world, and which continue to be harmful to modern nations. 


Interview with Albert Maysles

The editors of the online journal "Documenter" asked me to interview Albert Maysles, of the famous Maysles Brothers team, which was responsible for three magnificent observational documentaries:

"Gimme Shelter", "Salesman", "Grey Gardens".

In 1999 I had the great pleasure of chatting with Albert via telephone connection to USA for approximately 45 mins. This is the transcript of that interview which appeared in Documenter in January 2000.