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16mm. Colour. 60 mins.

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Music by Brian Brown

A slice of life, summer in Australia: sunstroke, syphillis and varicose veins.

The quiet seaside resort of Mallacoota is flooded by tourists seeking their holiday paradise. How can they know that their very search destroys everything they yearn for?

We follow the life of a local boy, Donny, and his friends Larry and Leo, as they await the new season's arrivals, new adventures.

Donny meets Debbie, an old flame from the previous year who has changed a lot in the meantime. They also meet a two drag-queens, Wanda and Michelle, who have come to town to put on a show. Their arrival adds a new dimension to the local colour.

The holiday is full of minor events including a messy Australian-style rodeo. Some of the characters get what they are looking for.

And some do not.
















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