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Praise for Razor Eaters

"The best independent film I have ever seen. * * * * * "

- Heidi Martinuzzi, US film journalist

"The more I've thought about this film, the more the varying elements have lodged themselves into my brain.
Its shock impact is effective, but it's also a slow-burn film that stays with you.
This film's been with me for a week now. I've realized how impactful it's been."

- Aint-it-cool-news review

"Razor Eaters destructive energy gets your attention like a shotgun blast."

- Empire

"Fight Club meets The Blair Witch Project"

- Film Threat

"Razor Eaters is a skillful, tough, kinetic jolt of a film.
Very confidently written and directed by Shannon Young, one could easily
imagine Tyler Durden from Fight Club watching this film and smiling"

- The Age EG (widely read Australian newspaper)

"A cinematically important film and a politically important statement of our times"

- Michael Davidson, Fearless Tales Film Festival director

"Bold, exciting and addictive."

- Filmink (Australia)

"Enterprising feature from first time director Shannon Young."

- Variety

"Shannon Young's Razor Eaters is a film to be reckoned with.
A superb script and some of the most amazing acting ever seen in an independent film."

- Film Threat

"The most energetic Australian film in 30 years."

- John Flaus, RRR radio Australia

"Independently fierce"

- Victorian Independent Film Festival

Shannon Young, April 2005
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