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Rare films by Anna Kannava (1959-2011)
showcase in a Touring Retrospective

Melbourne independent filmmaker, artist and writer Anna Kannava died on 5 May 2011 at 51. Anna was born in Cyprus in 1959, and migrated to Australia in 1974.  Throughout her life and work she kept a binding physical, cultural and creative connection to her homeland. Anna completed a number of highly personal and poetic films, including the two feature films Dreams For Life (2005) and Kissing Paris (2009), along with the acclaimed documentaries The Butler (1997) and Ten Years After, Ten Years Older (1986).

The Anna Kannava Retrospective currently touring Australia showcases these films as well four experimental award-winning and applauded short films that have not been publicly screened for over twenty years: Vanilla Essence (1989), Tight Rope Water (1982), The Wedding of Venus (1981) and You Can Hav'er (1980).  Her work has been praised and valued by many film professionals, cinefiles and critics including Margaret Pomeranz (At the Movies), Adrian Martin (The Age), Evan Williams (The Weekend Australian), Margaret Throsby (Radio National) and Andrew L. Urban (Urban Cinefile).

For all who knew her or knew of her work, she touched the earth gracefully with a self-assured European aesthetic and a passion for literary and visual beauty leaving a conspicuous mark on both the Australian and European cinematic landscapes.  Her writing was just as revered, with fellow writers in utter praise of her work, including AFI award-winning screenwriter Alison Tilson who attests that her actual screenplays are praised literary works in themselves. During her last years Anna wrote two commissioned (and as yet unpublished) novels that will be on the bookshelves from 2012.

After Anna’s passing Senior Lecturer Simon Wilmot of the Faculty of Arts, Deakin University instigated an Arts Scholarship in her name to assist struggling migrant women to pursue their creative dreams.  The Retrospective Tour is for the purposes of supporting this scholarship.

For any filmgoer or inquisitor of culture, the Anna Kannava Retrospective is not to be missed.

Anna Kannava Retrospective Tour
Screening in Melbourne

7pm Thurs 11th Aug (Part 1)
7pm Fri 12th Aug (Part 2)

Nova Cinema

380 Lygon St, Carlton




Thursday 11th August 7pm (Session Ticket Cost $17.50)
* Introductions & Thanks by organisers and family (6 mins) 
* Ten Years After, Ten Years Older (34 mins)  - E-Cinema
* The Butler (extract, 20 mins) - E-Cinema
* Dreams for Life (75 mins)  - 35mm
Refreshments will be served in the foyer after this session 
for all ticket holders.  

Friday 12th August 7pm (Session Ticket Cost $17.50) 
* Brief Introduction (2 mins)
* The Wedding of Venus (14 mins) - E-Cinema
* Vanilla Essence (16 mins) - E-Cinema
* Kissing Paris (90 mins) - E-Cinema
* Tightrope Water (12 mins)  - E-Cinema
* Kannava You Can'av'er (1 mins) - E-Cinema

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