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A “totally unpretentious tale of individual destiny, full of endless subplots and intrigue, and it is a joy to watch.”
Michelle Carey, Artistic Director, Melbourne International Film Festival.

Holidays on the River Yarra

Holidays on the River Yarra

"The story is strong, real and allegorical at the same time. Holidays on the River a rich, truthful, poignant but not bleak commentary on the difficulties of growing up in contemporary urban society."

- "Australia at Cannes" by Jan Epstein, Cinema Papers; Edition 84, August 1991; pp 32-33

"Berkeley has made a 'small' film, but one rich in undercurrents...And he draws truly vivid and believable performances from his generally inexperienced cast."

- "Holidays on the River Yarra Review" by Tony Rayns, Vancouver Film Festival Program; 1991; page 26

"Leo Berkeley has come up with an excellent debut feature...The film starts out as a seemingly typical study of teen unemployment, shifts gears into bizarre black comedy, and then takes yet another, sharper turn, providing an ending which is quite unnerving."

- "Holidays on the River Yarra Review" by David Stratton, The Australian; October 12, 1991

on location Holidays on the River Yarra

"Berkeley's film displays refreshing energy and boldness in the way it plays out its story. There is a real deftness in the way Berkeley manages to maintain a tension between the gloomy realism of Brendan Lavelle's images and the prevailing comic tone. But though Holidays is frequently very funny, it never spills into farce, and it achieves some extremely effective shifts in mood. This is top-shelf low-budget film-making and the kind of film that leaves you wanting more."

- "Holidays On The River Yarra Review" by Tom Ryan, The Sunday Age; September 29, 1991

"Rare TV screening for an unfairly forgotten Australian gem.Writer-director Leo Berkeley weaves a mesmerising spell with this strange tale. The bleak and unforgiving environment that Mick and Eddie trudge through is lovingly nurtured by Berkeley, who balances a constant undercurrent of doom with a freewheeling spirit and an endearingly naïve sense of humour."

- "Best Of Movies" by Leigh Paatsch, Herald Sun Guide; October 23, 2002; page 13

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