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1 The Merchant of Medicine, me and Brendan Webb, La Mama, 2000. 2 Me and Joe Clements 2a The Merchant of Medicine - research, Riley's Ridge 2aa 2ab I got screamed at for having pimples for this photo shoot - HELLO- I was 17!!!! 2ac 3 Picking a lucky winner with Humphrey, a Perth shopping centrre, when I was 19. 4 The Casper show with Characterland Productions in Perth, when I was 19. 5 Cha Cha Cha Promotion, Perth, 2005 5a Cha Cha Cha Promo 5aa 5b Yep 6 Publicity shot for Frank Otis' theatre production Box-a-Shorts. Photo by Yenny Huber. 7 Photo by Yenny Huber. 8 Melanie Thomson, Megan Hoult and me, We've to Deceive, director Brenda Palmer, New Performance Company, 2007 9 Sound of Music nursing home gig, 2008 10 Sound of Music nursing home gig, 2008