Spring Rhapsody

a film by Bill Mousoulis

2004, 84 minutes, video

music by Mink Engine

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(in alphabetical order)
Kim Denman
   Mark Dessaix    Bernard O'Connor    Rad Rudd
Josie Scott
   Andrew Upward    Anthony Wemyss    Nicola Wright


One rhapsody      Six movements

Angel over Australia. What is it to be human?



One angel      Seven humans

Happy loving couple. LDR haunts.



Seven angels      One devil

London girl, new world. Heart that sings.



Light and dark      Soft and hard

Trapped. Released. That's it, baby.



No plan      No money

I pace the room. What's left, who's right?



One movement      Two months

Gangland melody. Break it up.


Festivals in 2005 -

3rd Annapolis Reel Cinema Festival in February in the USA

2nd .MOV International Digital Film Festival in March in the Philippines

6th Melbourne Underground Film Festival in July in Australia
(Special Jury Prize, and Best Sound)

2nd Atlanta Underground Film Festival in August in the USA

Westgarth Film Festival in November in Australia


Spring Rhapsody

A portrait of Melbourne in Spring '04 (September/October), a mosaic of different stories: an angel desires to be human; a young couple cope with long-distance relating; a novelist unexpectedly falls pregnant; a woman from London discovers Melbourne; and a disenfranchised man, with a gambling debt, becomes involved with an underworld gang.

Spring Rhapsody is an improvised film - shot without a script, and quickly, it utilises DV's ability to capture moments immediately, without preparation. There is a raw, documentary flavor to the various stories, but the film is also highly constructed on the formal level, using the idea of "rhapsody" to structure things, music playing an important part in the film. Overall, the film is a mosaic of moments and moods, a distinct blending of documentary, fiction and music.

Bill Mousoulis is an independent filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 1982, he has made over 80 films, including six features, the latest of which is Spring Rhapsody (2004). His work has screened at all the major film festivals in Australia, such as the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane International Film Festivals, as well as at festivals overseas. His half-hour film Between Us (1989) was awarded 4th Best Film at the St.Kilda Film Festival in 1990. His last feature, Lovesick (2002), won two awards at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival in 2003. Esteemed film critic Adrian Martin has labelled Mousoulis a "visionary" and "one of Australia's most committed independent filmmakers".

Mousoulis has also played a part in Australian film culture: in 1985 he founded the Melbourne Super-8 Film Group, which remained one of Melbourne's most active filmmaker co-operatives till the late '90s, and in 1999 he founded the online film journal Senses of Cinema, and was its chief editor and webmaster for some time.

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