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M for Murder 

(1988, 7 mins, Super 8, color, sound on film)
Directed by Robert Jankov


A sequence of events culminating in the killing of a young man in his bathroom.  Beginning with the preparation of the murder weapon through to his gruesome fate.


A spellbinding, intense and palpably scary film - without a question the Super 8 film of the year.  This film not only inverts the student homage-to-splatter genre, but transcends it.  The inversion is manifested in several ways: the denial of the murder as an unexpected act;  the telephone sub-plot which is a red herring;  even the way the murder is an exact reproduction of the famous cinema it refers to (a homage would have hammed it up somewhat).


M for Murder also transcends its genre by virtue of its exquisite style. Is the reference to Bresson the photographer a veiled reference to Bresson the filmmaker?  This film has Bresson's quiet insistence and sharp mystery to it - it gives me an idea of the brutality which must be in Bresson's (virtually) unseen L'Argent.

© Bill Mousoulis 1988
This review first appeared in Super Eight, No.27, July 1988.