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The films of Bill Mousoulis

When I Grow Up ('02)
(2002, 40 mins, Super-8, color, sound on film)

NOTE: Updated version of 1996 film When I Grow Up.

Genre: doco / auto-bio

Synopsis: A look back at the film-maker's career, via the use of out-takes, unused scenes, scenes from uncompleted films, home movie footage, etc.

Available on DVD for purchase as part of

The Films of Bill Mousoulis
Vol 14 2002

Screenings: 1, at: Moving Image Coalition, Cinema Nova, Nov 2002.

"When I Grow Up is an impressionist track through a lifetime in film. Yes, it is a lifetime now ..... It is not nostalgic and sentimental but RE-constituting. Bill is RE-building himself from within ..... This film is capable of many readings. It is an open text .... This stuff now has a history that has added an extra layer of skin to the Body of Bill's work ..... The film's title plays on the same idea of presented or feigned naivety that "Innersense Films" seems to suggest. This seems so out of place. In no sense it is true now. This film moves Bill's work into an area where such posturing seems ineffectual, useless."                        - Dirk De Bruyn, Super Eight, June 1996.