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The films of Bill Mousoulis

(1998, 3 mins, Super-8, B&W, sound on cassette)

Genre:  Impressionist / music clip

Synopsis:   A love poem, set to Big Star's song "Thirteen".

Screenings:  4, including:  "Super-8 films by Bill Mousoulis", July 1998.

Available on DVD for purchase as part of

The Films of Bill Mousoulis
Vol 11 1997 - 2000

"This pop song of a film has no human characters (unusual for Bill), just wintery Melbourne Gardens filled with B&W roses, water fowl and formal garden lines, with built-in Eisenstein theory.  Bill's camera cuts through the chill of winter and warms us with guitar chords.  Film ends ... still no people???  then Bill dedicates film to Fiona? .... is Bill in love?  or is this film 'just a funny stage I'm going through'?"  
                                               - Jim Bridges, Super Eight, August 1998.