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The films of Bill Mousoulis

Underground Sky
(1998, 16 mins, Super-8, color, sound on cassette)

Sound mix: Steven Ball

Featuring:   Eléni Lazaris, Trevor Rooney, Mark C. Zenner, Theo Giantsos, Bill Mousoulis, Fiona Villella (V/O).

Genre:    essay / doco / narrative drama

Available on DVD for purchase as part of

The Films of Bill Mousoulis
Vol 11 1997 - 2000

Synopsis:    In the winter of 1998, the earth was overrun by many millennium prophets, whilst the suburbanites lived their suburban lives.  Underground, artists and other vagabonds flourished, their activities illuminated by a dark and pure underground sky.

Screenings:  2, including at Super-8 Group Open Screening, October 1998.