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The films of Bill Mousoulis

Physical World
(1986, 10 mins, Super-8, color, sound on film)

Assistant Director: Mark La Rosa ; Lighting: Matthew Rees.

Featuring: Matthew Rees, Georgina Campbell, Anita Campbell, Barry Branchflower.

Genre: narrative drama

Synopsis: A man and a woman prepare to go to work in the morning.

Available on DVD for purchase as part of

The Films of Bill Mousoulis
Vol 3 1985 - 86

or as part of Super Dreams

Creative synopsis: A guy and a girl, a secret and a world ...

Screenings: 20, including: Melbourne International Film Festival, June 1986; 1st Melbourne Super-8 Film Festival, Aug 1986; Fringe Film and Video Festival, Oct 1986; 7th Sydney Super-8 Film Festival (and in Bris), Nov 1986; Melbourne Cinematheque, July 1988; "10-Year Retrospective" of Melbourne Super-8 Film Group, Nov 1995.

"Bill Mousoulis' films are of a serious nature. They show a very keen concern for portraying life realistically and faithfully producing the physical world in all its minute detail .... Physical World is loaded with physical objects ..... Sound or the lack of it is also an important naturalistic device in the film ..... Bill Mousoulis' emphasis on minute detail is never torturous. He is able to direct films that are intensely detailed but never trite or boring."
                                                   - Nadine Myatt, Filmviews, Spring 1986.

"Physical World's banality, the overwhelming use of the ordinary, of there being nothing special about these characters or the spaces they inhabit, becomes the whole focus of the narrative. If you don't see the emptiness then at least you'll see the story that is and isn't there."
                                                   - Vikki Riley, Filmnews, Oct 1986.

"Physical World is dry, austere, methodical. However, it is a film which draws the viewer's attention away from the surface towards a deeper meaning. We cannot accept that Life, as represented in the first three quarters of the film, is solely composed of the dull, everyday physical activities that we are watching - there must be something more. Through implication the answer is conveyed - yes there is more. There is love. Love alone is the fuel that drives our tired bodies on."                    
                                                  - Mark La Rosa, Super-8 Yearbook, Feb 1987.

- Included on "Eight in the Eighties", video compilation of Melb S-8 films, 1989.

- No.7 in Top Ten Super-8 Films of 1986, John Thomson, Super-8 Yearbook, Feb 1987.

- No.10 in Top Ten Super-8 Films of 1986, Anne-Marie Crawford, Super-8 Yearbook, Feb 1987