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The films of Bill Mousoulis

Nocturnal Submissions
(2006, 6 mins, Betacam, color, sound)

Written by Bill Mousoulis and Ali Alizadeh
Director of Photography Shyam Ediriweera
Production Designer Jenna Davis
Make-up & FX Linda Maiden

Featuring:   Alex Spears, Vanessa de Largie, HaiHa Le, Mirjana Kostantinovic, Angelo Esposito, Laura Roberts, Frances Marrington.

Not available on DVD.

Genre:    narrative drama

Synopsis:    Three characters submit to the night.

Screenings:  2, at Melbourne Underground Film Festival, 2006, and Electric Shorts, 2006.

Nocturnal Submissions features re-edited scenes from the feature A Nocturne.

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