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Makes Me Stronger
(1996, 8 mins)

Featuring: Bill Mousoulis (and V/O)

DOP: Mark C. Zenner

A short fiction in the mode of a 'diary', a film-maker's thoughts and feelings
regarding his failure to obtain funding for his films.
Naked. High Hopes. Bleak Moments. Life is Sweet.

SD, from Super 8 original

Reviews: "A dark comedy with Bill Mousoulis as a whining effete film-maker who is trying to reconcile his feelings of envy for his more successful peers. Suffering funding knock-backs and personal rejection he grasps the nettle with insights like "oh well". Bitter that his great artistic vision "I am Rossellini and 70's TV" has not caught on, he is left to lament that he didn't really want to be famous anyway. Besides, failure Makes Me Stronger. A courageous and confronting comedy. Well I think it's a comedy."       
                                       - Sean Cousins, MIFF program notes, July 1996.

Screenings: 5, including: Melbourne International Film Festival (selected, but withdrawn by me - see catalogue entry above), Aug 1996; Naked 8, 9th Melbourne Super-8 Film Festival, Oct 1996.