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The films of Bill Mousoulis

(2002, 70 mins, Super-16/Betacam, color, sound)

D.O.P.:  Nick Hayward    
Production Designer:  Albert Fung
Sound recordist: Jason Turley

Featuring:   Holly Marshall, Clay Ravin, Stuart Black, Marie Ng, John King, Josie Scott

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Genre:    narrative drama

Synopsis:    A couple, Steve and Louise, quit their respective office jobs, deciding to follow their inner desires and their aspirations to be artistic. They shut themselves off from the world, but eventually begin to re-connect with it. In doing so, they encounter a couple of old acquaintances, Matthew and Tamsyn, who are successful in their chosen pursuits (writing and music) and who show an interest in Steve and Louise. Steve and Louise react to this situation by killing these "intruders". They then leave their home and separate, trailed by two detectives, Robert and Diana. Lost and tired, they wend their way back to the city. They are caught by the law, but they are re-united.

Screenings:  3, including 4th Melbourne Underground Film Festival, July 2003.

Awards: Best Innovation in Underground Cinema & Best Cinematography, Melbourne Underground Film Festival, July 2003.

"Challenging and brilliant … Mousoulis calls into question aspects of the dominant narrative mode of cinematic storytelling … Although cumulatively hypnotic, each individual shot has a harmony and a self-contained materiality that would allow it to stand alone like a Lumière Brothers short … A dream composed of pure cinematic reality." - Maximilian Le Cain, Metro Magazine.

"Slow in its impact ... but enlivened by some terrifically surprising moments". - Adrian Martin, The Age.

"Stark and unsettling". - Cameron Grace, In-Press.

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