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(1991, 3 mins)

Featuring: Images of light, set to Mozart.

The light of love: a science fiction film set in Alphaville, 2015. Shot in Melbourne, 1991.

SD, from Super 8 original

Reviews: "Here Bill uses Mozart as a counterpoint to B&W, beautifully overexposed color, shots of streets, visual puns (Mobil/moon). There are no actors, no spoken words to clutter things up. Bill has often explored and reflected his world through character and dialogue. Here there are no such vehicles. This is how it should be. Reflective, moody, subjective and romantic."
                              - Steven Ball, Super Eight, March 1991.

QUOTE AT HEAD OF FILM: On love and the immortality of the soul: "The desire of love is not for immortality but for the eternal; and the eternal is not something that depends upon the survival of any individual soul, whether our own or another's. The eternal is something which can be realized in one single moment; something which completely destroys in us any desire for survival after death; something which reconciles us to existence considered in the light of love alone; something that does not assume anything at all about the universe, except that love exists."                              - John Cowper Powys.

Screenings: 8, including: Melbourne International Film Festival, June 1991; Jump Cut Film Festival, Nov 1991; Cine Bohemio, Apr 1994.