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J.C.: The Jewellery-Case
(1984, 10 mins)

Directed by Bill Mousoulis
Written by Bill Mousoulis and Mary Mousoulis
Featuring: George Goularas, Jerry Goularas, Mary Mousoulis.

A teenager living in suburbia finds a jewellery-case and it changes his life.
A tribute to Spielberg and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.

HD, from Super 8 original
HD Restoration 2020, transfer by NanoLab

Reviews: "I've noticed the way in which films that play on parody or farce get the strongest response from the audience and I find it somewhat alarming since it means that those films that aren't farcical or parodic, those films whose irony is very subtle or ambiguous, an irony in the tone of whimsey, are often condemned to a John Waters like element of farce, and I'm particularly thinking of those two extraordinary films by Bill Mousoulis, Dreams Never End and J.C.: The Jewellery-Case." 
                         - Ted Colless, paper at Syd. S-8 Festival, Nov 1984.

"Dreams Never End and J.C.: The Jewellery-Case are both extremely personal, and, to borrow a term from Paul Schrader, exhibit what might be called a "transcendental film style". Dreams Never End in particular has an intense ethereal quality about it, and the way it flows, the way each cut seems to wrench the heart strings, makes it at times verge on hysteria .... These films' undeniable honesty renders all cynicism impotent."
                          - Andrew Preston, Filmnews, Feb 1985.

"A strange film in its ideas, but competently put together and filmed."
                          - Sarah Johnson, Super Eight, Sep 1986.

in Top Ten Super-8 Films of 1986 (sic), Matthew Rees, Super-8 Yearbook, Feb 1987.

Screenings: 19, including: 5th Sydney Super-8 Film Festival, Nov 1984; Fringe Film and Video Festival, Sep 1984; Fringe Open Screening, Mar 1984; also on tour through American cities, Feb 1986 (four screenings, including at the Montreal International Super-8 Film Festival).