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How To Use Your Camera
(1996, 7 mins)

A cheeky instructional film on the uses and abuses of the cinematographic apparatus,
with the ensuing results enlivened by the music of David Dangerfield.

SD, from Super 8 original

Reviews: "Bill's film enters the realm of Godard's Helas Pour Moi: it seems to be this rather sober unceasing to-and-fro of what happens when you abandon the safe technical decisions, give the monkeys the typewriter, and observe what the machine is thinking, with a drowsy human being lurking in the background feeding it film."
                         - Chris Windmill, Super Eight, Aug 1997.

Screenings: 9, including: Surprise Film Festival, Taiwan, Apr 1997; Experimenta, Nov 1996; "Dilate", Darwin, July 1997; Allowance, June 2004.