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(1989, 7 mins)

Featuring: Mark Freeman, Jerry Goularas, Mary Mousoulis,
Darron Davies, Richard Tuohy, Mark La Rosa, Bill Mousoulis (V/O).

A personal film, a diary, an essay, of Bill Mousoulis in December 1989.

SD, from Super 8 original

Reviews: "Bill lacks consistency. He makes a great film like Between Us, and then a bundle of kindergarten drop-out efforts like How Soon Is Now?, Honey and the terrible Out."
                    - Nick Ostrovskis, Super Eight, July 1990.

One of Top Eight Super-8 Films of 1989, Damien Grant, Super-8 Yearbook, Feb 1990.

One of Top Six Super-8 Films of 1989, Laki Sideris, Super-8 Yearbook, Feb 1990.

Screenings: 1, at: Super-8 Group Open Screening, Dec 1989.