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The films of Bill Mousoulis

Glorious Day
(1987, 12 mins, 16mm, color, sound on film)

DOP: Mark C. Zenner ; Sound: Mark La Rosa ;  Editors: Mark C. Zenner & Bill Mousoulis.

Featuring: Lloyd Fleming, Monica Mousoulis.

Genre: narrative / doco

Synopsis: An experimental narrative film - 
shots of inner-city landscapes, followed by a brief story, 
of a man who wakes up, gets dressed, goes outside and ...

Available on DVD for purchase as part of

The Films of Bill Mousoulis
Vol 4 1987 - 88

Creative synopsis: From stillness to activity, from quiet to noise, from the sky to the ground. A story within the frame and a glory within the day.

Creative synopsis 2: Sometimes when you look at something, it seems to come from within you. And when you're not looking, the things that happen would break your heart, soul, body. But then there's the ties that bind ...

Creative synopsis 3: A film about everyday life; the objects that surround people, and the people themselves. Suggesting that life passes through, beside and beyond the universe as a whole.

Screenings: 8, including: St.Kilda Film Festival, Apr 1988; Splash Event, Sydney, Apr 1988; Fringe Film and Video Festival, Sep 1988.

- Funded by Australian Film Commission ($3,560).

"A film fairly indifferent to second-to-second formal decisions, and too transparently Godardian for my taste - the start of Hail Mary with the end of Sauve Qui Peut."
                                                   - Adrian Martin, Super Eight, May 1988.