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(1987, 27 mins)

Directed by Bill Mousoulis;
Written by Mark La Rosa and Bill Mousoulis;
Lighting: Matthew Rees.

Featuring: Elwin Bradshaw, Loren Daniel, Peter Camerone.

The faith of a heart and the faith of a look. A period in the life of a young Australian couple.

HD, from Super 8 original
HD Restoration 2020, transfer by NanoLab

Reviews: "With gentle direction, Bill does not impose a story upon the viewer. Faith lets its story grow from its spaces, revealing how the cinema and its meanings can be very hard to pinpoint. By distancing himself from his work, Bill does not invest the film with obvious/meaningful editing, framing, etc. Instead, he lets meaning grow out of silence; significance grow out of the fact that he has faith, as much as the viewer slowly begins to realise, that the characters do not have to be spoken for. Their richness slowly rises to the surface. It is controlled by the ordinariness in which the film believes and endeavors to capture."                - Darron Davies, Filmviews, Sep 1987.

"Faith is a gripping, austere depiction of a couple moving mechanically from point to point as if under the spell of predestination."             
                            - Chris Windmill, Super Eight, Sep 1987.

"I'm always reminded, when I see Bill's films, of neorealism (rather than his stated influence of transcendental film-makers such as Ozu and Bresson, or the simple "real" people of Spielberg's films), particularly Cesare Zavattini's wonderful manifesto from 1953, with passages like: 'In short, to exercise our own poetic talents on location, we must leave our rooms and go, in body and mind, out to meet other people, to see and understand them. This is a genuine moral necessity for me and, if I lose faith in it, so much the worse for me.' "
                             - Simon Cooper, Filmnews, Oct 1987.

"Faith, Bill's latest and to date best film, is the last in a trilogy (following Back to Nature - about adolescent dreaming; and Physical World - about young romance) which thematically fabilises what you could call ordinary experience - love, memory, destiny and its metaphysical counterparts in the 'external' world ...... A polarity of desire exists in Faith; between that which we externalise as the ideal and that which, through human frailty and social obligation, makes us prisoner of our own personal obsessions."
                            - Vikki Riley and Anne-Marie Crawford, Cinema Papers, Nov 1987.

"What marks Faith out from many Super-8 films is its sincerity."
                            - Andrew Frost, Filmviews, Summer 1987.

"Bill Mousoulis scores some points for effort with Faith. The film is well paced and intriguingly shot but I have reservations. Mousoulis is perhaps the only film-maker in the history of the Cinema who trades off foregrounding his own self-effacement. Talk about an unseen hand! His invisibility so dominates this film that it undermines, nay upstages the more obviously 'noble' attempt to highlight the banality which a simple working class Australian couple endure (?). I can still hear the camera whirr in the chilly, endless stillness signposting both auteur and his medium."
                            - Michael Hutak, Filmviews, Autumn 1988.

Voted Best Super-8 Film of 1987 in Super-8 Yearbook 1988 (making 12 Top Ten lists).

Screenings: 13, including: 2nd Melbourne Super-8 Film Festival, Aug 1987; "Transcendental Super-8", Nov 1987; 8th Sydney Super-8 Film Festival, Nov 1987; Melbourne Cinematheque, July 1988; RMITV broadcast, July 1989; TVU broadcast, June 1990; "Super-8 films by Bill Mousoulis", July 1998.