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(1988, 8 mins)

Featuring: Mark La Rosa, Sarah Johnson, Mary Mousoulis, Leni Mayo.

Four people, at different times, wait at a tram stop. A film about life.

SD, from Super 8 original

FILM-MAKER'S NOTES: "The faces of Embrace are potent minefields of signification for the viewers of the film. What's on show (once the self-conscious element is eliminated) is not the confessions of the Hollywood/glamour mask, but the confessions of the ordinary human face. Embrace is a scrupulously honest film - by denying the projection of 'something', what is there to be seen is everything. The film ultimately is about the actors - their lives, their feelings, etc. - and thus a reflection of the audience. The title of the song used in the film - "Come See About Me" - also propounds (if one were to take it literally) an operation of sublime empathy via 'looking'...... Embrace takes Adrian Martin's quote, pushes it to an ironical limit, and then disperses its meaning in a rapture of association: love, looking, screen, spectator, invitation, connection."     
                      - Super Eight, May 1988.

QUOTE AT HEAD OF FILM: "In the explosive point of contact between what the star actually projects, and what the fan longingly invests, a soul is born."         
                       - Adrian Martin, Cinema Papers.

Reviews: "Embrace lights up the 'Chantal Akerman' sign for me, but it is created, not quoted, thank heaven. A great formal idea - the progressing into the close-up faces - and with great (chance?) emotional ef fects of 'soul' beauty in the pay-off ..... But, Embrace is about 'spiritual' - not physical - contact ..... I'm damn sick of these mystical, magical, purely imagined 'connections'! Give me some sex!"                
                      - Adrian Martin, Super Eight, May 1988.

Voted 5th Best Super-8 Film of 1988, Super-8 Yearbook, Feb 1989 (on 4 Top Ten lists).

Screenings: 9, including: Experimental Film Focus, Madrid, May 1994; Melbourne International Film Festival, June 1988; "The Films of Bill Mousoulis", Nov 1992.