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Michelangelo's Dream
(1991, 5 mins)

Featuring: Shane Lee, Lisa-Marie Syron, Loren Daniel, Bill Mousoulis (V/O).

A film about Michelangelo's dream of the connection of the fingertips.
Not on the ground nor in the sky's, 'tis on the ceiling that our dream doth lie.

SD, from Super 8 original

Reviews: "Michelangelo's Dream finds Bill in a philosophical mood. Perhaps deliberately Godard-esque in structure and theme, the film is an essayistic narrative exploration of relationships between individuals and their being-in-the-world."
                        - Steven Ball, Kiosk 8 notes, Sep 1994.

Screenings: 8, including: 6th Melbourne Super-8 Film Festival, Dec 1991; a screening in Vancouver, Nov 1993; Kiosk 8 Selection, Sydney, Sep 1994; "Two Independent Film-makers", Horsham, Mar 1997.