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The films of Bill Mousoulis

(2014, 8 mins, HDV, color, sound)
co-directed with Vicky Mousoulis

Featuring:  George Manolis, Sönke Rickertsen, Darron Davies, Rad Rudd, James Howard, Leon Gotsis

Music:   Sönke Rickertsen

Genre:   Impressionistic

Synopsis:   A dance of impressions, of humans and animals and nature. Light and movement, music and silence, melancholy and laughter, Daddy-Long-Legs takes delight in cinematic and musical play.

Commissioned for the 9:16 Film Festival, Port Adelaide 2014.

Screenings: 3, at 9:16 Film Festival and Laneway Festival, Adelaide, Feb 2014, and Channel 44 in Adelaide.

Not available on DVD.

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