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Crazy Motherfucker
(1989, 3 mins)

Featuring: Mark C. Zenner

A man walks the streets of Melbourne, which looks very New Yorkish.
Set to NWA's "Straight Outta Compton".

HD, from Super 8 original
HD Restoration 2020, transfer by NanoLab

Reviews:    "Mousoulis took me back to early high school, gave me that feeling of exultation after seeing those meat murdering 'Warriors'. A very different film, of course, but Mark C. 'the bullet' Zenner's Tisiphone roused the spirit of healthy ultra vires violence. The film read like this: animosity cut fury cut inquietude cut disdain cut anger cut acerbity cut etc. A passion play of urban angst. Yes."        
                                           - Laki Sideris, Super Eight, Dec 1989.

"Wild."                                  - Andrew Frost, Filmnews, June 1990.

Voted 8th Best Super-8 Film of 1989, Super-8 Yearbook, Feb 1990 (on 3 Top Ten lists).

Screenings: 12, including: Brunswick Film and Video Circus, Apr 1990; Super-8 Screening, Lounge, Apr 1991; "The Films of Bill Mousoulis", Nov 1992; Cinema Kramp, Nov 1993; "B-Sides", Super-8 Group, April 1998.