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Body Talk
(1986, 4 mins)

Featuring collage of photos from magazines.

A collage / meta-narrative / music film, set to Koo de Tah's "Too Young For Promises". 
An experimental narrative film.

SD, from Super 8 original

Reviews:      "By far the most contentious film of the evening was Bill Mousoulis' Body Talk, causing some heated discussion during the film and afterwards."
                                          - Sydney S-8 Group newsletter, Aug 1986.

"Overlong images of magazine stills as visuals to a bouncy tune .... a clear example of how the medium can be under-used."    - Barry Branchflower, Super Eight, April 1986.

"Bill's best film by far has been Body Talk, but it was greeted with such derision that I fear he has recoiled from saying something about nothing to simply saying nothing."
                                          - Michael Hutak, on Faith (1987), Filmviews, Autumn 1988.

Screenings: 3, including: L'Eight #7, Sydney, May 1986; Fringe Open Screening, Mar 1986.