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My Blessings
(1997, 78 mins)

Directed by Bill Mousoulis;
DOP: Kattina Bowell; Prod. Designer: Danica D.B.;
Featuring: Marie-Louise Walker, Ian Dixon, Dale Stevens, Emma Strand, Mark Shannon.

A diary film, chronicling six days in the life of a woman in her early 30s.
A portrait of isolation, striving, rejection and hope.

HD, from 16mm original
HD Restoration 2020, transfer by MemoryLab


"Bill Mousoulis' character study of a woman living in inner-city Melbourne. My Blessings follows film-maker Jane Friedman over the course of six days, illuminating her thoughts and feelings by making use of a voice-over that corresponds with her diary entries. This intriguing feature eschews 90's stylised cinema in favour of a low-key, realist approach. Genuine independent film-making that recalls the minimalist, austere dramas of Robert Bresson."
                               - MIFF brochure notes, July 1997.

"Melbourne's most persistent independent film-maker and Super-8 superstar Bill Mousoulis premieres his new, and first, 16mm feature My Blessings at this year's Melbourne International Film Festival. The festival advance publicity describes the film as "Genuinely independent film-making that recalls the minimalist, austere dramas of Robert Bresson". Of course, we expected nothing less!"        
                               - notice in Super Eight, July 1997.

"FESTIVAL PICKS: (one of 10 films chosen) My Blessings: the ultimate in diaristic, "no budget" cinema from one of our most committed independent film-makers, Bill Mousoulis."
                               - Adrian Martin, The Age, 24 July 1997.

"Two modest Australian films diarmed me with their bold, plaintive simplicity: Anna Kannava's The Butler ... and My Blessings, Bill Mousoulis' ultra-minimal, mock "diary" of an independent film-maker living in Fitzroy."
                               - Adrian Martin, The Age, 31 July 1997.

"Film-making in the raw, My Blessings is ugly, melancholic and claustrophobically sparse, at the same time it's disarming voyeuristic pleasure .... The director has cast a woman as his alter ego ..... The lead character's language is especially masculine, not only in syntax but in the words used and also the thoughts behind those words .... The film is emotionally and artistically rich, almost to the point of obsession .... The contradictions implicit in the film are its strength."            
                               - Michaela Boland, In Press, 1 Oct 1997.

Screenings: 4, including: Melbourne International Film Festival, July 1997; Fringe Arts Festival, Oct 1997.

Production stills

Premiere screening