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The films of Bill Mousoulis

Back to Nature
(1985, 13 mins, Super-8, color, sound on film)

Featuring: John Theodorou, Bill Hatzistavros.

Genre: narrative drama

Synopsis: A day in the life of an unemployed youth.

Creative synopsis: You go back to basics, back to the dirt.  And, somehow, you lift yourself up.

Available on DVD for purchase as part of

The Films of Bill Mousoulis
Vol 3 1985 - 86

Screenings: 28, including: Fringe Film and Video Festival, Oct 1985; 6th Sydney Super-8 Film Festival, Nov 1985 (also toured to Melb, Adel, Bris); on "Shooting Gallery" tour, 6 Australian cities, May-July 1986; three U.K. dates (including Leicester Super-8 Film Festival), Apr 1986; one screening in Japan, Mar 1986; "Super-8 films by Bill Mousoulis", July 1998.

- Funded by Australian Film Commission ($500).

"Bill Mousoulis gets right back to naturalistic filming, filming young people as they are on the streets. The dialogue is colorful and natural and on occasions the actors are simply kids off the streets." - Nadine Myatt, Filmviews, Autumn 1986.

- No.2 in Top Ten Super-8 Films of 1985, Andrew Preston, Super-8 Yearbook, Feb 1986.