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The films of Bill Mousoulis

After School
(1988, 20 mins, 16mm, color, sound on film)

Produced by Sarah Johnson; Written by Mark La Rosa;

DOP: Mandy Walker; Sound: Phillip Healy;

Editor: Mark C. Zenner; Art Director: Antonia Bruns; Music: Matthew Rees.

Featuring: Craig Adams, Le Thien Trung, Peter Di Dio, Lisa Chambers, Jaki Fisher.

Available on DVD for purchase as part of

The Films of Bill Mousoulis
Vol 4 1987 - 88

Genre: narrative drama

Synopsis: A 13-year-old boy comes home from school and goes out. He meets up with a friend and they go to various places together, interacting with various people.

Alternate synopsis: An unassuming and meditative, observational film exploring that dead time between 'schools out' and evening. A film of small moments but big meanings.

Screenings: 11, including: St.Kilda Film Festival, Apr 1989; Fringe Film and Video Festival, Sep 1989; Recent Australian Shorts, State Film Theatre, Oct 1989; Matinaze, Sydney, Mar 1990; "Two Independent Film-makers", Horsham, Mar 1997.

- Funded by Australian Film Commission ($18,365).

"After School is in turn mystifying, confusing and on occasion slightly amusing. Mousoulis' examination of the minutae of urban existence treads a fine line between insight and absurdity ..... If Mousoulis has established anything with his films it's an unmistakeable visual style; long takes with an absolutely static camera, naturalistic sound, minimal musical accompaniment and a peculiar actorly direction. There's no one else making films like Mousoulis but when that feature inevitably arrives and it's about nothing much, well, then I can't see the purpose for its existence."
                                                      - Andrew Frost, Filmnews, June 1990.

- Certificate of Merit, St.Kilda Film Festival, May 1989.