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on Super 8 - great web resource on all things Super 8.

LUX - a new non-profit organisation, based in London, established to promote and support artists' moving image work both in the UK and internationally. LUXNEWSWIRE is an e-newsletter for those interested in and making artists' moving image work. While it is produced in the UK and has a special UK focus, LUXNEWSWIRE is international and we are keen to hear about information that would be of interest to subscribers in the international community, submit information and links to

Sick Individual Productions is a small Ballarat (Victoria, Australia) based short video production group founded and lead by Grant Meredith. Sick Individual Production's first set of experimental features began in '94. From these humble beginnings sprung a unique creative talent and along with his friend John Franc, Sick Individual Productions began making more formalized short films. In 2000 The Winter of the Udds was entered and won a Technical Encouragement award, won a Special Judges Award at the De Bortoli Riverina Flickerfest and was shown in Italy at the Italian Alternative Film Festival.

Eddie and the Fish - MIC member Brendan Harraghy's band's site - "3 of the most hard working and proficient of surf rockers that you can find"!

Melbourne independent filmmakers - a web resource - Site with profiles of numerous indie directors in Melbourne, including MIC members Moira Joseph, Bill Mousoulis, Chris Windmill.

Tony Woods - website of prominent MIC member, complete with artwork.

The 8mm Film Format Metadirectory - Lists a heap of web resources on 8mm.

Gecko Optical Classifieds - Cameras - online ads of photographic / optical items.

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